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Mobilizing Communities + Serving Families
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Our Mission

Mobilizing Communities + Serving families

We have found that when families are going through hardship, they often don’t have the energy or capacity to add anything more to their plate. Some of our families have children born with special needs, babies born with heart defects, hopeful adoptions combined with the fear of loss, and little ones born early requiring long NICU stays. These families are either unprepared to bring a child home, or don’t have the emotional capacity to worry about all the things that go into a Nursery. That’s where we come in!

We are a movement of people serving families facing unexpected difficulty bringing a new child into their home.

When we see people going through difficult times and we aren't quite sure how to help…we say things like, "let me know if you need anything!" Of course, we mean it, but people in need rarely take us up on our offer. Well one day we stopped asking and just started doing! We saw a need and decided that if we all came together we could use each of our gifts to fulfill the need and be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community. We believe that when several people say “yes” in small ways, God will use it for big impact! That's what The Nursery Project is all about...helping families by empowering communities of people to show up in the lives of others! It is all made possible by people like YOU that are donating time, money, and talents to be a part of something greater than we could imagine.

While we do more than nurseries, creating beautiful spaces where families can bring home a child is something we do well. We want to design a room that is special and intentional; a room that you would never dream of creating for yourself!
— Haley | The Nursery Project
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It’s a beautiful thing…

To see strangers loving strangers. Because of The Nursery Project, we have seen hundreds of volunteers use their individual talents to make an impact in the lives of families they may never even meet!


meet our team

Now that you know about our mission and what we do, take some time to get to know the faces behind the organization.