Our Team

Hello! We are The Nursery Project.

We are 4 friends, each uniquely gifted, but all with a passion for serving others. Something that started as a way to help a friend in need became something so much more than 4 girls in Southern Indiana! Now, we are well over one thousand strong and growing. We believe God has big plans for what this organization will accomplish through the volunteers, donations, and families that allow us into their lives.

TNP Staff-2.jpg

Meet Barb

The Boss. Barb is our extrovert. She is a natural leader with a heart for ministry. She keeps us moving in the right direction. Because she is great with people, you will often find Barb leading prayer among volunteers, delegating tasks, and more recently you’ll notice she has really mastered Facebook Live!

Meet ruthie

The Encourager. Ruthie is the most in tune with how people are feeling. She is a good listener with a tender heart and the best sense of humor. She notices the small things, and remembers details about your life. Because of this, she always finds little ways to encourage and make people feel known and loved.


meet shannon

The Renaissance Woman. Shannon can do all the things. Cut and install shiplap? No problem. Numbers and taxes? No brainer. She doesn’t like to stay still too long, so you’ll always find her working and building on our project days. She somehow manages a really busy life with ease and a whole lot of laughter.

meet haley

The Storyteller. Haley loves all of the things that make people unique. She likes to get to know our families and make them feel comfortable telling their story, even when it’s in front of a camera! Haley is behind the scenes working on social media content, our website, and our photo + film projects.

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Serve with us!

We are so excited to meet you and serve alongside you! Please join us by using your unique gifts and skills to make an impact in the lives of our amazing families. Follow the link below for more info about serving with the Nursery Project.