The Nursery Project Heads to Wisconsin

Did you know that The Nursery Project has headed to Wisconsin?! One of our dearest friends lives and serves at a church in Beloit, WI. She shared this story with us about her friends Raquel and Isaac and we knew we had to help! Read about Raquel and Isaac’s journey to becoming parents and how God is stirring their community!

Here’s the story from our friend, Shannon…

To know Isaac and Raquel Smith is to love them. Truly. They are some of the best people you will ever meet and their lives are a reflection of Jesus living and breathing in them. They have always poured themselves out for others both locally and globally. That’s why when we saw the way their journey with sweet baby Solomon was unfolding, we knew we needed to do something to serve them for once.


After suffering a miscarriage back in November, Isaac and Raquel greeted this pregnancy with hope but also anxiety, as anyone could probably understand. Everything was looking really good and Raquel entered her second trimester with a sigh of relief. There were slight compilations from the beginning, so because of that and her history of miscarrying, she was being monitored very closely, which we now know is God’s provision.. She was made aware pretty early on she had placenta previa. On September 20th, Raquel had a bleed that landed her in the hospital for what would be an extended stay. Again, things were looking good and she was scheduled to leave the hospital that following Sunday when another bleed occurred. It was determined at that point that Raquel would need to remain in the hospital for the remainder of her pregnancy, or at the very least, close to the hospital, as they live an hour away from where she will deliver. To complicate things even more they started to notice spontaneous dips in baby Solomon’s heart rate that have caused the need for frequent monitoring.


Now, enter The Nursery Project. My birthday is in September and I absolutely love what the Nursery Project has been doing so I decided to do a facebook birthday fundraiser. I started off with a small goal of $200 and quickly realized my people would easily meet that. I kept upping the goal and people kept giving. It was unreal. I ended up with $1,000. All these people in my area, my village, if you will, now knew about The Nursery Project and it was on the forefront of their minds. I’m convinced that this was because God knew the need we would soon have in our very own village.


When I found out Raquel was most likely not going to be home before the baby arrived, I started feeling God stirring in me that we were supposed to do a Nursery Project for the Smith’s but I just kept it to myself. Then on a Sunday morning my dear friend, Barb, posted about a family in Dallas they had been supporting with their very own Nursery Project and I knew for sure God was calling us to this thing. I texted Barb right away to tell her and she just encouraged me to make it happen. At this point I thought the donations from my birthday fundraiser were basically done, as my birthday had come and gone, and then I got a text from the girls at the Nursery Project telling me they wanted to give all that money right back to go to the Smith’s project. I upped the goal again from $1,000 to $2,000 and we got $2,100 in a matter of days! God is so good. But we’re not done!

The Smith’s have a long road ahead with a whole lot of uncertainty and we want to do whatever we can to be their village in this time. They have shown so many people the love of it’s our turn to return that favor. I’m certain God is going to do amazing things through this sweet family and in the life of sweet baby Solomon. I’m just so excited that this...this beautiful community of people...this tribe of people following God’s call...get to be a part of that story.

Here’s what you can do right now…

  1. Share this post on Facebook and invite your friends to join the group “Love for the Smiths”

  2. Pray for Isaac, Raquel, and baby Sololmon.

  3. Donate! The birthday fundraiser is seed money but there are lots of projects and needs we’d love accomplish for the Smiths. Click the link below to Donate to The Smiths.