Jaxon's Village | Nursery Project #1


This is where it all began. Hear the story of the first ever Nursery Project from Jaxon's mommy and our dear friend, Leah...

Thank you for wanting to be a part of The Nursery Project whether its praying, supporting, donating or following along. This ministry not only began with some of my very best friends but women that stood in the gap for me when I was at my lowest. I am honored and humbled to share the story of how The Nursery Project got its roots.

In January of 2017, I went to see my OB for a routine 20 week ultrasound and this is when life as we thought might be totally changed. We were given the news that there were significant abnormalities in this ultrasound of our baby boy and were referred to a maternal fetal specialist. We followed up in early February where she confirmed these abnormalities with the most significant being a heart defect. This is also the first we heard the words "Down Syndrome."

On February 21, 2017 I received the phone call that would change our lives forever. It was then I heard the words "your son DOES have Down Syndrome." Absorbing those words was almost impossible at the time. We were overcome with grief. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. We wanted a perfect baby, a healthy baby and neither were what we were to face. Over the next several months we faced a roller coast of emotions, fearing the unknown, grieving what felt like a loss and yet trying to anticipate and love our son. Through this time, a group of my girlfriends came together like never before. I was so scared for the future and they surrounded me with more love and comfort that I’ve ever known. Just a month before our son would enter the world, they surprised me with a baby shower that ended on Shannon Jenkins' porch and this is a moment I will never forget. In that moment, Christ’s love came down through these women and healing began to my broken heart. I looked around as they put me in the center and said “we are your Village.” We will walk with you, we will love you and we will lift you up.

June 2, 2017 was the day we were going to meet our son and since I had a planned C section, we anxiously drove to the hospital knowing life as we knew it would change drastically. On our way to the hospital Barb texted me asking what I had done for the nursery. I was ashamed to even say it, but nothing. Absolutely nothing. I can’t tell you exactly why but I couldn’t bring myself to make a nursery for our son. I wasn’t ready to embrace the joy of that I guess. The room consisted of a desk and a chair. That is all.

That morning we welcomed Jaxon Brady.

Unbeknownst to me, Barb had reached out to my village of girlfriends asking what they could do to help with a few things for the nursery. This snowballed into friends and family from across the nation that wanted to be a part of this project. So when I got home from the hospital (without my baby mind you) I was greeted with the most beautiful nursery I’d ever seen. This room was not just the nursery of my dreams but reflected a place that I could offer my prayers and find peace. 7 months later, I sit in Jaxon’s room and it’s just that, a place of peace, joy and reflection of Gods people. The amount of gratitude we feel every time we’re in this room is beyond measure.

Thank you for joining in something far greater than ourselves.
— Leah (Jaxon's Mommy)

Jaxon has since won us over heart, mind and soul. He has faced 3 surgeries in 5 months and has taught us about determination, breaking sterotypes and unconditional love. There are nights I’ve rocked him in his room, giving thanks to God for who he is and how he’s changed lives (mostly mine).