Sweet Jameson | Nursery Project #3


Jameson's story from a friend of the Nursery Project and a close friend to Jameson's parents...

My husband and I have had the privilege of leading a life group for 2 years this month. In that time we were introduced to Deryk and Macy Kennedy! We were able to be a part of their wedding day in October 2016 and celebrate with them when they found out they were expecting their first baby in the fall of 2017.  I even got to be the one person who knew they were having a baby boy before they did! 

At 29 weeks of Macy’s pregnancy, Jameson made his arrival on January 1st, 2018 at 5:58 pm. 19 weeks ahead of schedule and weighing 2lbs 10oz and 15 inches long,  Deryk and Macy became parents to their sweet boy! Because of his early arrival, time in the NICU was definite, and this was uncharted territory even for Macy, an ICU nurse.


We as a life group of first-time parents instantly felt for them and wanted to help. It was hard to figure out what we could do and then God intervened! A couple of days after Jameson’s birth, we were at church, chatting with Barb and sharing the Kennedy’s story with her. We were so overwhelmed and trying to navigate how to support our friends, she asked us if The Nursery Project could help. 


After that God-timed conversation, we introduced The Nursery Project team to the Kennedy’s and shared with them that there was a community of people, who they may never meet, who wanted to love on them while they loved on Jameson. The Kennedy’s overwhelmed by what they heard (who wouldn’t be, right?) prayed about it and decided to let The Nursery Project take the overwhelming task of putting together a nursery for Jameson off their to-do list! 


As soon as they said yes, I have to say, I have never seen a group of women move so fast and put together a plan! They found Macy’s Pinterest board for baby Jameson’s room, sent questions and inspiration and finally asked Macy and Deryk if they were comfortable with the room being a surprise -I’m still amazed at the self-control those two had when it came to not peeking! 

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and while The Kennedys were with their sweet boy in the NICU, their house was invaded by some of the kindest people in Southern Indiana! They painted, vacuumed, took down Christmas decorations, built shelves and furniture, and created a beautiful space for the Kennedy’s to bring Jameson home to. I’ll never forget the emotions when Macy and Deryk saw the finished space, it was one of gratefulness, peace, and love. They saw what a community of Jesus-loving people can do when given the opportunity to love!

As of today, Jameson is in the NICU and getting stronger, he had a Nissen procedure earlier this week to help with his reflux and feeding, a difficulty many preemies face. With this procedure, the doctor’s believe Jameson will finally be able to come home with his incredible parents in about two weeks! Praise the Lord!

Through this experience of watching the Kennedys endure life in the NICU for over three months, watching strangers who love Jesus love on this family, and for a group of women who use their talents and abilities God gave them to glorify Him by blessing those around them, I know we have a God who cares for us, who loves us, who provides for us in ways we can’t imagine. 

Thank you Jesus for this ministry, for these women yielding to your call. Thank you for The Nursery Project community of volunteers who continue to give their time and resources to show your love to others! Please keep Jameson in your protecting hands as he grows up. May Jameson know there is a God who loves him and knew him before he was even born, and may Deryk and Macy continue to find their strength in you as they discover parenthood. Lord, you are good and we love you! Amen.

The completed nursery ready for Jameson to come home