The Blessing Family | Nursery Project #7

Blessing Babies-1.jpg

We first got introduced to Sarah and Chris by another nursery project family, Shawn and Alli Edelen. After experiencing a miscarriage Sarah found out she was pregnant again, but this time she was carrying triplets! They knew one of the babies was measuring significantly smaller and at 28 weeks they found out that Baby Arwen (Baby B) no longer had a heartbeat. Due to the increased risk of her body going into labor the doctor gave orders for very limited activity. 

In case you missed it, here is a video from Sarah and Chris telling their story.

Because Sarah was not able to be very mobile in the last few months of pregnancy, the Nursery Project was able to step in and help get them ready for two babies! We made our way out to Palmyra to do measurements of the room and begin our design plan. We created a registry for all of the furniture, decor, and other baby needs and got to work on the renovations!  At her 34 week appointment Sarah was admitted to the hospital and we knew the babies would be coming soon so we had to speed things up a little. In just a week's time, volunteers were in and out of the Blessing home. People were painting, cutting wood trim, caulking, cleaning, organizing, putting furniture together, and praying over the room where they would bring home the Blessing babies. Here is a before photo and some progress photos!

 When we first talked to Sarah about what they may need she just mentioned help with a few things, but she had no idea what was actually going to happen. They were in awe of all the work that was done and all the people who stepped in to help their family in such a difficult time. Here are the photos of the finished room. Notice the rainbow pillows symbolizing that these two precious babes are their rainbow babies. You'll also notice a special piece of art by our friend Ashley at Letter and Knot Co. She donated this wood etching in remembrance of baby Arwen. Everything else that you see has been made or donated by the Nursery Project's amazing community.

Asher and Adaline were born on Wednesday, August 15, and are still going to be in the NICU for a couple more days, but Sarah was able to come home with Chris and Micah to see their new room after her rough four day recovery in the hospital. What an absolute joy it was to be able to work with them and bless them with this room. We pray they are always reminded of the love of Jesus as they enter this space.

Special thanks to the Blessing Family and friends that allowed us to come in and out of their home and vowed not to sneak a peek at what was happening behind the closed nursery door. Your family is going to change lives!