Momma Elle | Nursery Project #8

Our most recent project was a single mom of 4 kids that (at the time) was pregnant with a 5th! She had been through a lot in recent years and found herself in need of a community. She needed support and prayers, kindness and friendship. We were introduced to “Momma Elle” and her story with The Nursery Project began.

In case you haven’t been following along, here is an introduction to Project #8…

Last weekend tons of volunteers showed up to serve this family. We had folks sorting and pricing items for a yard sale, a road trip to Ikea, people mowing the lawn, deep cleaning the house, folks doing laundry, stocking the pantry, putting furniture together, and people out shopping to help make this home warm and cozy. The big kids even got a new trampoline! We had two days to make it all come together. One of the most exciting things that happens on these projects is when a group of strangers come together to help someone they’ve never met. It’s amazing what can be accomplished in a few hours when our purpose is clear.

Here is a peek at the work that went into Momma Elle’s project…

This time our renovation was mostly for our mom who would be sharing a room with her newborn baby girl. We knew that she had a room full of reminders from a previous life and we wanted to create a safe peaceful space for her to come and rest when she is tired, weary, and needing a reminder of God’s goodness. These are the before and afters of Momma Elle’s new room!

Because we needed to protect Momma Elle’s identity this was a project without a big reveal. Our volunteers would probably never get the chance to meet her or hear her tell her story. For this reason we do not have a reveal video to share. However, we did want Momma Elle to have a voice and be able to express her gratitude. So she has written you all a letter that we would like to share.

Dear Nursery Project,

I would like to take this time to share with you the impact you've made in our lives because of your love and faithfulness to Jesus.

The way you have sown into our family has been so healing to me. We are without a doubt so loved and cared for and this means so much as we are just coming out of a very painful season and now transistioning to my new life as a single mother. I would like give you a little background of my story to share the amazing faithfullness of our god.

Just a few months ago I would realize that any hope for reconciliation in my marriage had ended. It felt as if all my hopes and dreams were shattered. It was heartbreaking and all I knew to do at that point was cling to Jesus. In the months ahead we would face many challenges and uncertainties. The thought of now raising 5 children alone was going to be a very difficult task to juggle and I was so uncertain of how I would make it through this time with no income coming in, being I was a stay at home mom. When I was faced with this reality I knew I was going to need more support and community to help us get through this transition.

I heard Northside had a great Care Ministry and I decided to visit one Sunday and the kids and I all agreed this was the church we had been praying for. The services were speaking to my heart every single weekend during the family vacation series. Everything going on in my personal life was parallel to that sermon series. The two sermons that impacted me the most was the one on forgiveness and then the one after on betrayal. It was obvious to me that God had seen me and was confirming I was exactly where I needed to be. At that time, I knew I had a choice to forgive and to allow God to heal my heart so I could move forward in Him and have compassion instead of offense. I had done it both ways in the past and I knew this time I would choose to do it God’s way. I would no longer allow the hurt to poison me and I chose to forgive and seek peace. In doing this I allowed God to be my defender and to trust in His justice and restoration for us. I choose to take the Lord’s hand and walk this out with him each day taking one step closer by taking responsibility for my own healing journey.

A couple months later (and as the baby’s birth was getting very close)... I found myself occasionally getting into worry and fear. I would then go turn on worship music and worship God in these moments and any doubt or unbelief would leave me as he comforted me with his love. Infact I have found that worshiping him is the best way through the pain and it was a safe place for me to release all the hurt, fear and uncertainty. Praying and worshiping him was my where I got the strength I needed to get through this.

Then one day I recieved a call saying my name was given to this ministry. I was blown away by how faithful God answered my prayers! Hearing that our family had been chosen to recieve this gift was clearly the Love and Faithfullness of our God! He wants us to know that he will always be faithful and that his love never ends and just how far he will go to prove his love for us. What Jesus did reminded me of the worship song
"Extravangant" by Bethel Music. That song has been one on repeat during this season reminding me of the way he loves us and he will come through for us! The only word I can think to describe what this ministry has done for us is just that... Extravagant!

This whole experience has taught me that I can really trust God to take care of us. Just as he promised he would and as a good father does. Its taught me to trust in his faithfulness and to not doubt him! That he can turn around any situation, any pain or injustice and use it for our good! This gives me so much confidence that he truly is all I ever needed and he alone is Enough! This journey has been so healing for my heart to know that I know that he sees me, he came for me, he found me and he is picking up the shattered pieces and putting it all back together to make something even more beautiful for his glory.

Thank you SO MUCH for all the love and support! It truly has been incredible to experience this and I will cherish it in my heart forever!

In His Love,
Momma Elle

We have so much gratitude for the Nursery Project family…the selfless and generous volunteers that give up their time and weekends to create beautiful spaces for families facing difficult circumstances. These rooms and your efforts are a continuous reminder of God’s faithfulness, His provision, and His goodness even in the midst of trial. It’s not just a room, it’s not just pretty things. It is evidence of a good good Father that walks alongside the broken, the hurting, the widowed, the orphaned…the mother that has found herself transitioning from married with kids to a new journey as a single mom of five in need of a community. A million thank you’s to those who pray alongside us and step in to be a part of something bigger. Thank you!