The Barger Family Reveal | Nursery Project #9

A huge thank you to everyone who has been following along with The Nursery Project while we serve the Barger Family. So many of you have cooked, cleaned, donated, painted, installed flooring, and a million other things. We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside of you! I guess another thank you is in order… thanks for your patience while we took the time to publish this story in a way that would honor the Barger Family. Below you will find the heartfelt words of Sarah (Coan + Layton’s mommy) as she walks us through their story of becoming parents.

photo by Abby Thacker Photography

photo by Abby Thacker Photography

On January 7th, I went in for a typical ultrasound appointment. I had known something was going on with Baby A (Coan), because on the Friday before, I had an appointment and the Doctor told me that there was something wrong, but she didn’t know what. She decided to increase my weekly appointments, which is why I then had an appointment on Monday.

When the tech stepped out to get the Doctor, I could feel something wasn’t right. The Doctor came in and told me that I needed to get my mom on speaker phone. She told me that Baby A now had reversed blood flow, and that I needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible. My mom, Aj and I rushed to the hospital and the Doctor there told me that I’d be there for a couple of weeks before I delivered. So we made ourselves at home, and I was cracking jokes with the Nurses, and they had barely gotten the IV in me, when the Doctor came back in after about an hour.

“I just had a conference call with other specialists, and we are going to take these babies out within the next 30 minutes because Baby A’s heart rate is dropping quickly.” I was only 26 weeks along. Shock took over my body and my heart dropped. I had no time to process anything when nurses started flying in, shoving needles in me, and hooking me up to monitors. Scared was an understatement. 

At 1:40 and 1:41pm, Coan Isaiah (A) and Layton Neal (B) were born via emergency C-section. I never got the chance to hold my babies on my chest immediately after birth like you see in movies. I didn’t get to see them until after I recovered. When I was in Recovery, Dr. Cohen, one of the Neonatologist, came up to me and told me that Coan wouldn’t make it. He was too small, and his lungs wouldn’t be able to sustain him. I asked to see him, and they wheeled by bed to his bedside. The sweet nurses allowed me and my family to hold him. Coan passed away in my arms shortly after. 

The next day, my sister told me that the Nursery Project had reached out after seeing my story. I didn’t know what to think! A group of strangers wants to redo the nursery for US? How am I even this deserving? I couldn’t believe this. We accepted the kind offer and we had no idea how amazing the gift would be. 
The gift cards, the meals, the fridge and room...we are just still so speechless. We walk by the nursery and we just still cannot believe it. It is just amazing. 

Layton has been a fighter. He has his Brother’s strength pushing him along. And I honestly believe that the Nursery Project helped us and my family to stay strong and push through this difficult and emotional rollercoaster of a journey. 

There are absolutely no words to express how just unbelievably grateful we are for the Nursery Project. We cannot wait to see Layton grow in his new nursery. We cannot wait to tell Layton of the amazing people who helped us through this journey. We cannot wait to help other NICU families. 

We are just so thankful,

Check out the transformation of the Barger Nursery!

The Big Reveal

Barb and Haley arrived at The Barger home along with Sarah and AJ’s family. We finished up last minute details while volunteers dropped off dozens of gifts that were carefully wrapped and created a huge pile in their living room! Sarah and AJ arrived to a house full of family and we were able to meet them for the first time. We circled together in the living room and prayed over Sarah and AJ and Layton. At the time, they were still spending their days at the NICU and waiting for Layton to come home.

The nursery door had been kept closed and Sarah + AJ had not entered since before they babies had arrived. These two had no idea what kind of surprise would be on the other side of that door!

AJ + Sarah,

We are so grateful that you allowed us to be a small part of your big story. You welcomed us into your home and your lives during a difficult and vulnerable time. You decided not to carry the burden alone and allowed this community to help so that you could spend your energy on the important things. You are strong, and brave, and an incredible example to other new mommies and daddies that are walking through something similar. Our prayer is that God will continue to use your lives, your marriage, your story to greatly impact the lives of others.

Thank you,
The Nursery Project