The Reed Family | Project #10

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We hope you never get tired of hearing us say how amazing this Nursery Project community is! We are so excited to share about this family that we had the honor to serve. Below you can read the whole story from a friend of the Nursery Project and dear friend of the Reed Family, Megan Stump.

This past week there was cleaning, moving furniture, so many donations, painting (lots and lots of painting), installing flooring, installing baseboards, decorating, countless home depot runs, and so many other things happening in the Reed home. The love that you all showed the Reed family is incredible. If you somehow missed all of the Facebook post and updates this past week, keep reading and catch up on how this all unfolded!

The Reed family is made up of baby Maxwell, Jaimey (2), Nya (13), James (dad), and Courtney (mom)! Baby Maxwell decided he didn’t like the timeline laid out for him and he arrived at 25 weeks weighing 1 lb and 11 oz. Courtney was driving home one day when her water broke. They took her to the hospital and she had lost so much fluid they immediately transferred her to Norton in Louisville. When arriving at Norton they realized that her placenta completely ruptured. She had to go straight into an emergency C-section. With Maxwell being born 15 weeks early it meant he was going to have a rough road ahead of him and a long stay in the NICU. 

Courtney and James are two of my best friends, I posted on Facebook asking for prayers and any donations of gift cards to help them with meals during their stay. The Nursery Project saw my post and reached out asking if The Reeds would be a family that would benefit from help from The Nursery Project. After introducing them to James and Courtney they were able to find out that the plan for the Reeds was to fix up their house to sell so they could move into a bigger house before Maxwell was born. Between already having two kids at home then adding a baby in the NICU for 3 months on top of working a job, the Reed’s task list to fix up their house kept growing. It was shortly after that meeting when the 4 ladies behind The Nursery Project decided they wanted to do more than just a nursery. That is when YOU entered their story.

You have shown the Reed family an overwhelming amount of love. You all stepped in and stepped up to help a family that was not going through the easiest times. When we needed something from home depot, you were there. When we had a late night paint mix up and needed you, you were there. When we needed furniture moved, you were there. When we asked, you showed up. Personally, I can’t thank you enough for loving my friends so well and showing them the love of Christ. It is so crazy to imagine all these people with no connection to them showed up and flipped a house in 5 days. Only God can orchestrate the beautiful picture that unfolded over those 5 days. The Reed family couldn’t have been more surprised or appreciative. The only thing they knew that was happening was a new nursery and new floors. They knew nothing else happened until they walked in the doors.

For the Reed Family, the picture above is still missing a very special little boy. Today Maxwell is a little over 3 months old and he is thriving! He is working on getting his reflux in check and as soon as that happens he will finally get to come home from the NICU! Thanks to all of you, he has a beautiful room to come home to and mom and dad get to relax and love on their kiddos because their growing checklist is now complete!

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