The Mammolenti Family | Nursery Project #5

Yes!! It's here, our next project for the Mammolenti Family! We gave you a sneak peek a few weeks ago, and today we are ready for you to hear the full story. We are so grateful for all of you who follow along and are eager to step into the lives of others with generosity. Let's welcome Scott and Megan to The Nursery Project Family.

You heard that right, based on the expenses Scott and Megan will incur while living in Cincinnati, we have decided to set our fundraising goal at $5000. Because Megan is a hair stylist, she only gets paid when she is working. Knowing this, they have both been working really hard to save up for a maternity leave knowing that they have some challenges ahead. Unfortunately, the relocation to Cincinnati was not in their original plans. That's where YOU come in! We can help fill the gap. Help us meet our goal in the following ways...

  1. Share our post on Facebook to invite your friends to join in!

  2. Pray for Scott, Megan, and baby Norah.

  3. Donate! Every dollar donated this month will go toward the Mammolenti's living expenses.


We will continue to update you on this family on our facebook page. Check there for updates!