The Mukandengo Family | Nursery Project #4

Just a few weeks ago, we were approached by our friend Karen about helping a family put together a nursery. She told us about Jeanne, a refugee from the Congo pregnant with her 8th child.  She has only lived in the US for 2 years and works incredibly hard to give her children a better life than she had. This was so different than the previous projects we have done, but we really felt compelled to help. Upon meeting the family and experiencing their living conditions we felt like we couldn’t just gift her a nursery; we needed to renovate the entire apartment. We knew that would be a huge task and a huge expense but we felt like God was calling us to say yes and trust him to work out all the details! You will not believe how a small ask turned into a HUGE blessing.

the before.

We started brainstorming and planning and it was going to work out for a couple families to host “Mama” and her children while we redid their home. We had only a couple weeks to finish up our current nursery project and start on this one. We started posting needs and opportunities for volunteers and people kept purchasing and signing up! We were amazed at the generosity and willingness of people to provide for a family none of them had ever even met!

the renovation.

The project weekend was here and we needed people to haul out furniture, clean, do loads upon loads of laundry, design rooms, donate gifts, build furniture, stage rooms, do electrical repairs, take photos, provide food and childcare for volunteers, run errands, organize, clean again, etc. You name it, we needed it, and people showed up! This was such a huge outpouring of love and obedience and it was amazing to witness nearly 100 people using their gifts to make a difference in Jeanne's life.

the after.

After a long weekend, dozens of volunteers gathered in the parking lot of the apartment complex anxiously waiting to meet the family for the first time. After a round of hello's and hugs, we gathered around Jeanne and her kids and prayed with them. We let them know that this gift was not about us and it was not about them. It was about a big God that loves deeply who has called us to care for one another, to meet each others' needs. We wanted Jeanne and her kids to know that Jesus gave us the gift of eternal life by laying down his life for us and that’s exactly what he has called us to do for each other. Love transcends all barriers and connects us all through Jesus.

After some prayer, we sent the Mukandengo family upstairs for the big reveal! Jeanne first. She stepped into an apartment that was once full of hand me downs and throwaways. It was now a HOME. Jeanne was overwhelmed with emotion...she couldn't move. Tears fell from her cheeks, and with her hands in the air she began to thank God. The kids soon followed. They ran room to room and continued to be surprised, amazed, and overwhelmed. 

the reveal.

We are continuously amazed by the Nursery Projects and confidently believe in the work God is doing through this organization. If you want to join us for our next Nursery Project, we want to hear from you! Follow the link below and join the movement.