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Momma Elle | Nursery Project #8

Our most recent project was a single mom of 4 kids that (at the time) was pregnant with a 5th! She had been through a lot in recent years and found herself in need of a community. She needed support and prayers, kindness and friendship. We were introduced to “Momma Elle” and her story with The Nursery Project began.

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The Blessing Family | Nursery Project #7

We first got introduced to Sarah and Chris by another nursery project family, Shawn and Alli Edelen. After experiencing a miscarriage Sarah found out she was pregnant again, but this time she was carrying triplets! They knew one of the babies was measuring significantly

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The Mukandengo Family | Nursery Project #4

Just a few weeks ago, we were approached by our friend Karen about helping a family put together a nursery. She told us about Jeanne, a refugee from the Congo pregnant with her 8th child.  She has only lived in the US for 2 years and works incredibly hard to give her children a better life than she had. This was so different than the previous projects we have done, but we really felt compelled to help.

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